Continuous Improvement, ROI, and Pushing the Envelope.

Borrowing from some of my all-time favorite advertising catch phrases (Blake and Kelly please don't barf) I want to welcome my new readers. Here at Mommy's Wish List you'll find many ways to stick it to the man (aka: stop spending all your hard earned money on EVERYTHING and start making them pay you to take it home).

Continuous Improvement
If you're new to being a "Coupon Mommy" (or daddy, Jeff) start here. I've written lessons on getting started...signing up on your favorite brand's loyalty mailing lists, putting together a coupon binder/box/folder system that works for you, easily building up it's contents, and how to garner the best deals at top retailers. This year, I'll be continuously improving this section adding more retailers, and more tips for being a better Coupon Mommy. I'll also be looking for other internet tools and sites that can offer you more deals, and be the first to let you know.

ROI (Return on Investment)
If you're already into the saving game like I am, you are constantly looking to improve your efficiency, AND get better and better deals. It does take a little time to put together your shopping deals for the week, gather your coupons, and get organized. But, by the time I finish a shopping trip, I've saved equivalent of being paid between $25 and $50 for my time spent doing those tasks. Look for ways to get a better return on your investment (of time) under Circular Surfer and Stalk Market. Go armed with the information on matching the best weekly deals with the best coupons from Coupon Whereabouts to know where to get it and how not to pay for it.

Pushing the Envelope
And if you'd like that nice mailman to push envelopes full of free stuff through your mailbox slot go hit Swag and find out how to get yours. It can be Christmas everyday in your mailbox!

Be a Part of the Fun
Don't miss a deal in 2009, subscribe to Mommy's Wish List either by RSS Feed or Email Subscription in the left margin of this site. I'd like to encourage you also to add your comments to posts so we can all see what great score you made and how you did it. Even an encouraging "Yeah Mommy!" or an empathetic "Oh my, Luka did NOT do that!!" would make my day.

And if you just need a laugh, read Luka Sez. I'm raising a stand-up comedian here folks, and you are his first audience. Heckle away.

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