Finding coupons and using them effectively has helped me regularly get 50-70% savings every time I go to the store and when I'm shopping on-line. You can do it too! To get started, you need to know where to find the best coupons. Hopefully this list will help.

Printable coupon sites:

Coupon Network

eCoupons (you can load these on your grocery cards):

Cellfire (adds money to your kid's college fund in lieu of a discount)


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How can you get more Sunday paper coupons, or other paper coupons? (buy them for .04 cents apiece)

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Where else can you find coupons?
You can find great money-saving coupons in magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens and Woman's Day, and even better, you can often find free subscriptions to these magazines online. The very best magazine for coupons is All You magazine. This magazine is only available at Walmart; however, I found a great deal where you can get 2 years for just $17.99. It’s jam packed with coupons, and often there are coupons for free items, so the savings to be had more than defray the cost of the subscription.

Your mailbox:
Be sure you glance thru all your mail. I have a local grocery store that regularly sends me $10 off $35 coupons on a postcard. ValPak comes once a month, and typically has 3-5 coupons that are useful to me as well. And the RedPlum circular that comes with all the grocery circulars on Wednesdays often has even more coupons that I don't find anywhere else.

If you have ever noticed those little black machines in the aisle with red blinking lights, those are Blinkies. They dispense coupons when you pull them out, usually two at a close interval. Typically, I have found that stashing these away and waiting a few weeks to use them, usually results in the item the Blinkies are for THEN being on sale. I rarely use them the day I pull them. I just file them away in my coupon binder and wait. Sometimes they are even better used at a different store than where I originally found them.

While you're looking for Blinkies, look for thick tearpads of coupons right on the shelf. Again, take a few and stash them away. Chances are that product will go on sale in a couple weeks, or at a different store. Sometimes there are also tearpads at check-out.

Your local store:
Often stores like Walgreens and Safeway offer their own store coupons (usually these have a single barcode on them instead of the double manufacturer's barcode), as opposed to manufacturer coupons. You can usually use both a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupons on the same item, even when it's on sale. And that's how to score the best deal.

A good way to get store coupons is by signing up for store loyalty programs (their store reward card) and registering your address at Customer Service desk to get on their mailing list. Also, don't forget to register your loyalty card on-line at their website to make sure that you are on all the possible store coupon mailing/emailing lists for promotions. Also, look for them in-store, in-aisle, and in-circulars.

At CVS, scan your Extra Care card at the CRT machine everytime you enter the store, and you'll get instant coupons printed out specifically for you.

Many companies have email newsletters to sign up for online on their websites. Often they will include links to members-only coupons in them because they know you’re a customer that loves their product.

Often a manufacturer that has my email will send me a survey about their product, and when I finish it (which only takes a couple minutes) I get a link to print a coupon for the product. Usually these are high-value "thank you for your time" coupons. So, word of advice, if you really like a brand, sign up for their email newsletter.

Look up all your favorite brands on-line, and send them a note telling them how much you love their product. Consumer Affairs emails are not just for complaints, but also for compliments. Ask if you can be put on their coupon mailing list. Write them a hand-written thank you note, and more than likely they'll send you some GREAT coupons. It's worked for me!

Your Doctor's Office:
Drug companies and Babyfood/Formula companies often leave tearpads of coupons for their products at your doctor's or pediatrician's office. Look around, or even ask the receptionist or nurse if there are coupons they have for the medicine they have just prescribed for you. I regularly find Enfamil and Zyrtec and Aquaphor coupons at our pediatrician's office.

Free samples:
Manufacturers sometimes put coupons for the product you are sampling in the free samples that they send out. These are often higher value than the ones you'd find in the newspaper. Be sure and check inside the box your free sample came in.

Product packaging:
Look inside cardboard packaging and can labels for coupons printed on the inside. I have also found coupons inside the food product itself in a little celo wrapper, or as a "peelie" on the front of a package.
Entertainment Book:
Every year we buy an Entertainment Book which is jammed full of Buy One Get One free food, and even grocery store coupons! I spend $25 for this book, but end up saving hundreds on things I use and places I visit every day. Well worth it.

On-line Shopping Daily Deals: 
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