Potty Training: using reasoning.

And for your dining enjoyment this evening, we have Hurricane Luka and his current favorite song "Taxi" from Nick Jr. Right after this serenade, we made yet another attempt at potty training.
Mommy: Luka, it's time to go pee pee on the potty now.
Luka: (in tone of Carrie Fisher from "When Harry Met Sally") You're right. You're right. I know you're right.
Mommy: No, I'm serious. You can do it.
Luka: (with much eye-rolling) I. can't. do. it.
Mommy: Oh, yes, you can. You are going to go potty right now. Sit down.
Luka: Sing the teapot song, mommy.
Mommy: After you go pee pee.
Luka: Can I have some chocolate?
Mommy: If you go pee pee.
Luka: Brother's not watching me. Why isn't he watching me?
Mommy: He's at school.
Luka: I will wait.
Mommy: No, you will not. Go pee pee.
Luka: Ok, ok, ok.
(concentration pause)
Luka: Mommy, I got nothin'. It's a strike-out.
So my 2-yr-old uses sports metaphors correctly, but cannot possibly be bothered with inane requests like using a toilet. Apparently REASONING only works on children who are not smarter than you.

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Christina said...

Lea Ann - your son is adorable!

And oh, I feel your pain... my son was 3 before he was potty trained and it took FOREVER. To this day when you ask him if he needs to go, he says, "I'm empty." Can't ask him - just tell him to go. :-)

Three things to know about kids:
You can't make them eat, sleep, or poop if they don't want to.

Hang in there! He'll get it!

Funkybella said...

Too funny!