$1 off Wendy's Hamburger printable coupon.

Yes, you're happily sitting down to watch yet another exciting episode of Max & Ruby (thank you OnDemand) while your four-year-old seems to also be sitting contentedly munching on his Wendy's nuggets and fries. When, out of nowhere he whips off his shoes and socks (in 10 seconds flat) sticks his fries between his toes, pulls his feet up to his mouth, and eats them. WHY? Only Hurricane Luka knows. I don't even try to pretend to understand this boy that lives in my house. I just buy him fries.

But, you can print a $1 off Wendy's Hamburgers coupon here. (Thanks Courtney!)

Then sign up here to get WendyMail. They'll send you coupons to print for $1 off any burger, $1 off dipped chicken sandwiches, etc. I've already used all mine up and am waiting for my next Wendymail! (and waiting to see what Luka does with his french fries next time.)

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