Daily Deals: Pay half or less for just about anything.

Are you subscribed to all the daily deal sites offered for your area? I'm talking about sites like Groupon, Living Social, and Juice In The City. My family uses the deals offered on sites like these to eat out for half price, get hair cuts for half price, and shop at our favorite stores for half price. You can even get your windows cleaned, your car cleaned, or your dog groomed for half price. Buy toys, clothes, shoes, even groceries on-line for half price. To me, Daily Deals and Flash Sales are yet another excellent way to save money.

Daily Deals
Make sure you don't miss out your city's deals. Daily deal sites offer people a voucher that they buy thru the site for usually half or even less than the actual price. For instance, you may see your favorite restaurant offering a $40 voucher for $20. You buy the voucher from the daily deal site. You then take the voucher to your favorite restaurant and eat $40 worth of food! I've bought vouchers like these even for big brand-name stores like Quizno's, Old Navy, and Supercuts.

Flash Sales
There's a second type of Daily Deal site called a Flash Sale site. It's the same idea, but these are usually for brand and designer name fashions or stores. Flash Sale sites allow you to buy your favorite designer clothing and shoes for half or less. I've gotten both my kids school clothes, shoes and clothes for me, home goods, small appliances, dishes, you name it for half price or less using these sites.

Why I use Daily Deals and Flash Sales
Really, the whole Daily Deal phenomenon has completely changed the way I shop, and saved me a ton of money. It's also put within reach some items or designers that I never thought I would be able to afford to buy, or restaurants I never thought I would be able to eat in, ever in my life. Plus, I think in this bad economy, the Daily Deal sites are keeping alot of local businesses afloat with buzz and traffic. So it's a win-win for everyone.

How I use Daily Deal and Flash Sale sites
I am signed up for ALL of them, and there are quite a few as you'll see below. I get the emails from each of them...sometimes every day, sometimes only when they release a new deal. It takes me about 10 minutes to run thru the emails every morning to see if there is a restaurant, store, designer, or entertainment venue offering a deal I want to take advantage of. To me, this 10 minutes and 20 or so emails are worth my time and effort.

Keeping track of my vouchers
I buy my deal right away if I see one that I like, because sometimes they run out! Then, I put the confirmation email they send me in a folder I've created called "Deals I've bought". Once they send me the link for my voucher when it is ready I print it right away. I three-hole-punch it. I put it in a binder that I have for my vouchers. I high-light the use-by date in yellow, and I file them by that date with the earliest expiring first. There are 4 categories in my voucher notebook: Dining, Kids, Entertainment, On-Line. This way I make sure I always use my vouchers and never let one expire.

Here's my master list of Daily Deal sites to sign up for:

Groupon.com Daily Deals. I use this one the most for local restaurants, because it has the broadest reach and brings in more of the restaurants I already eat in.

LivingSocial.com Daily Deals

Zulilly.com Kids and Moms clothing/shoes/toys Flash Sales. I use this site for clothes and toys for Luka.

ToyFlow One HOT brand-name kid's toy at rock-bottom price every day.

Eversave ShareTheSave Daily Deals typically things mom/kids would eat or do. I use this site to get discounted magazine subscriptions and on-line toy/vitamin/household goods vouchers.

BeyondtheRack.com Designer Flash Sales

swirl.com Designer Flash Sales

Mamasource by Mamapedia.com Daily Deals, often for on-line stores, typically things moms/kids use with school donation overlay. Look for discounted entertainment places, magazine subscriptions for kids, books, toys and mostly on-line voucher deals.

PlumDistrict.com Daily Deals, often for on-line stores, typically things moms/kids do or use. Quickly becoming one of my favorites, they bring in some very desirable on-line stores like JCPenney vouchers, and big-name local restaurants.

AdPages.com Multiple on-going local deals for eating and entertainment

HousewaresDeals.com One hot half price housewares item each day. I get new dishes, silverware, cooking utensils, and serveware on this site.

Jasmere.com Daily Deals, typically home-related

ideeli.com Designer clothing/shoes/accessories Flash Sales

Modnique.com Designer clothing/shoes/accessories Flash Sales

OneKingsLane.com Furniture/Homegoods/Accessories Flash Sales. I've gotten very unique and beautiful designer decor items for my house for cheap.

Totsy.com Kids and moms clothing/shoes/accessories/toys Flash Sales. I get lots of clothes and toys for Luka and for birthday party presents from this site. Look for other daily deal sites to sell half price vouchers for Totsy for an even better deal.

Hautelook.com Designer clothing/shoes/accessories Flash Sales

TheMiniSocial.com Kids and moms clothing/shoes/accessories/toys Flash Sales

Ruelala.com Designer clothing/shoes/accessories Flash Sale. This is my favorite of the designer clothing Flash Sale sites. The prices are really reasonable for designer items.

theFoundary.com Furniture/Homegoods/Accessories Flash Sales. I use this for home decorating items.

Gilt.com Designer clothing/shoes/accessories Flash Sales, also High-End Food Flash Sales, Destination Flash Sales. I like this one for kids nice clothes.

Woot One hot item every day til it sells out

KidsWoot One hot toy every day til it sells out

ShopItToMe.com You type in your fave designers, it rounds up items anywhere on the internet with your designer's items each week and sends you an email with links. I use this to track down Betsey Johnson and Nanette Lepore items.

NoMoreRack.com 9 items daily until sold out starting at 11am CST, could be anything, and they are deeply discounted. $2 flat rate shipping on everything. I've ordered quite a few items from this site.

Jetsetter.com Hotel Rooms, Vacation Packages, Destination Travel Flash Sales

FamilyFinds.com Daily deals on items that a family would eat/use/do

VoiceDealOfTheDay.com Daily Deals. These have been to the most desirable, hottest events, entertainment and restaurants in my city of all the daily deal sites. We almost buy every single voucher they offer. If you are a hipster, this is your daily deal site.

Homesav.com Furniture/Homegoods/Accessories Flash Sales

8moms.com Daily deals for things mom/kid would eat/use/do

Lot18.com Wine Flash Sales. My question is why did it take so long for someone to come up with this? Wait for Free Shipping happy hours to order.

ClickedIn.com Daily Deals that last for a week, this one is hosted by Time Warner Cable

ScoutMob.com Daily Deals and free 50% off restaurant coupons.

GiltCity.com Daily Deals and VIP invites to HOT desirable restaurants, spas, events. These sell out really fast, but are really awesome if you grab one.

CowBoom.com Daily Deals on electronics. This is Best Buy's daily deal site.

1saleaday.com Daily Deals usually on electronics, jewelry, or related

Valpak.com Daily Deals and coupons to print for local area

Bitsybug.com Daily Deals on moms/kids items/stores

Editorscloset.com Designer clothes/shoes/accessories Flash Sales

Barkingdeals.com Daily Deals on pet items only with animal shelter charity overlay

Socialdish.com Daily Deals with a social sharing component

SocialGoodies.com Daily Deals on girly stuff like make-up, shoes, and yoga with charity overlay

Groopdealz.com Daily Deals on handmade Etsy-type items from on-line merchants

Myhabit.com Designer clothing for men/women/children from Amazon

Goldstar.com Daily Deals on theater, movies, concerts, events, sports, etc

Target.com One really hot item from Target on-line with free shipping every day.

Mikasa.com One hot home goods item for a steal every day. (Dishes, Flatware, Cookware, etc.)

Saveology.com Daily Deals, Travel Deals, Restaurant Gift Cards for Half Price

If you know of any other daily deal or flash sale sites that are not listed here, please leave them in the comments on this article, and I'll add it to the master list for everyone. Thanks!

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