Free Halloween Jack-O-Lantern stencils.

And there he is folks. The cutest two-year-old Peter Pan ever. AKA Quinn age 2. (Now he's in high school. EEK!) That was back when I had the energy to actually make Halloween costumes and carve pumpkins. Now I can't wait til he goes on his first date, and I can show pictures of him in tights to his girlfriend. 

You can download several neato pumpkin carving templates for free. Then, whip out your pumpkin carving kit and get crackin'. I mean carvin'. has cereal character templates like Count Chocula and others.
Better Homes & has fall thematics, pets, Halloween thematics, and more.
Disney Family has several Halloween themed ones, plus other Halloween crafts.
Nick has stencils of all your kid's favorite Nick Jr. cartoon characters.
Pumpkin Masters has some really cool intricate Halloween-themed patterns.

Get the Pumpkin Masters carving kit tools with stencils for less than $3 here.

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