How your kids can get free pizza at Pizza Hut.

The kids are back in let's leverage that grade card into some free eats! Make sure your child's school is participating in Pizza Hut's Book It Program here. Then, your child can earn a free personal pan pizza for making reading goals! Schools/Teachers can enroll students here. Homeschoolers are not to be left out, you can sign them up here. Thanks, Jenny.

Quinn bring home free food certificates from Jason's Deli, Whataburger, and others for good grades or participation in a project, or for extra credit he does. Our local Baskin Robbins gives him a free cone for straight As or perfect attendance. Luka earns a Six Flags ticket every spring for a particular reading program. Talk to your child's teacher or principal to make sure they are participating in any incentive programs your local restaurants offer. Talk to your local restaurants to see what they are offering! It takes a community to help kids thru school, and food is definitely a motivator! Flash that grade card all over town and see what it will get you, kids!

What kid's incentive programs does your school offer?

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