Great Wolf Lodge discounts after the holidays.

Great Wolf Lodge Discounts: January 17-18, you can get a deep discount when you book during their 48 hour sale here.

Take the edge off the in-laws on a water slide. Yep, water slides make it all better. Especially water slides that have a cabana, and a bracelet that lets me charge beer to my room. Where is this delightful holiday escape? Great Wolf Lodge.

If you have never stayed at Great Wolf Lodge, it's truly like no other hotel I've ever stayed in. There's an arcade in the basement. There's a hotel-wide scavenger hunt for your kids using magic wands and talking furniture. You wear a paper bracelet as your room key and in-hotel payment device (this is freakin' genius if you ask me). And let me not forget the gigantic indoor water park, with super fun areas to play in for any age of kid or adult.

We have stayed at Great Wolf Lodge and our family had a blast! The kids loved staying in their part of the room, which is built to look like a summer camp bunked cabin. It had it's own tv and gaming system, night lights, and a ladder. I thought they'd never want to leave.

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