Thursday Holiday Store: an easy way to search and find gifts for less.

So, as a girl, I find it very easy to find presents for other girls. And, as a mom, I find it somewhat easy to find gifts for little boys. BUT, not big boys. Teenagers present a problem to me because no matter how many times you ask a teenage boy what they'd like for Christmas, they always say "I dunno, iTunes cards I guess." *sigh* Not helpful.

And husbands? Even worse. Other male relatives? Forget it. I don't know why the male of the species is so hard to buy for. Men who are reading this blog post, please, help a mommy out and give me a clue. I tend to really like it when websites offer some sort of "Gift Guide" or "Selection Tool". Especially when the person I'm trying to find a gift for is not a mom or a 5-yr-old boy.

Like the Holiday SuperStore on here. There are little people with either "Him", "Her", "Kids" blah blah blah, or categories of types of people like "Sports", "Gadgets", "Foodies". Now THAT is helpful. Not like a teenager. And I always know I'm getting a bargain at because, well, everything is typically offered at a substantial discount over retail. They even have daily deals here, which are usually some great electronics steal.

So, I looked for a Christmas Gift for Quinn using the selection tool. I found Levi's Jeans of $27 and DC T-shirts for $15. (I know he'll like both of those plus every two weeks he says his pants don't fit anymore). Then if I am feeling very generous (and Santa declares him to be a very good boy and he stops eating me out of house and home) I also found an iPad 2 for just $469. Or simply some noise-reducing ear buds for $7.99 so it will be even easier for him to ignore me when I'm trying to tell him to eat some breakfast.

See? All kinds of ideas. And, you know what else? always has free shipping and returns. So I don't have to sit and wait for a free shipping day or free shipping code. Done, and done. Just the way I like the holidays...stress free. Except for the breakfast-eating part.

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