How do I love thee? With a free Krispy Kreme donut.

Flower vs. Donut. Donut wins.

Move over flowers and chocolate! 
This is the way to woo a girl on Valentine's DayFrom now until February 14, when you buy a dozen Valentine donuts at Krispy Kreme you'll get 12 free Valentine Cards. These special cards each have a Free Donut coupon on the back. Details here.

Not only is Kripsy Kreme offering seasonal sprinkled Heart doughnuts, they also have Chocolate Iced Heart doughnuts with red drizzle, and Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles donuts.

And, I'm absolutely sure I need one of those.

How will I use my free donut Valentines?
1. Luka's classroom! I'll buy 2 dozen pretty donuts for the teachers lounge, and use the Valentine's Day cards for his class valentines.
2. I will buy a dozen donuts for myself (duh) and send the 12 valentines to prospective employers for Valentine's Day. Because procurement of donuts obviously add to my skill set and charm.
3. I will buy a dozen donuts for my next PTA Board Meeting. Then, I will go into the front office of the school and stick the Valentine's Cards anonymously into the teacher's mailbox slots.

What will you do with your free Valentine's Day donuts?

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