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Exclusive Free Online Tax Prep from H&R Block
Don't say I never gave you nothin'.

Doing your taxes is almost as fun as a job fair.

Ok, so you admit you're not as mathematically gifted as my 15-yr-old who aced the ACT when he was 12. Hi, my name is Lea Ann, and I'm an idiot, but mother to a genius. AND, you really hate filling out torturous forms like moi. Thank goodness filling out tax forms is not one of the requirements of getting a job as a Creative Director.

AND you really, really like the idea of a giant in the industry backing you up if the IRS decides your taxes were not prepared correctly. (Hey, not my fault. Talk to the hand, IRS. H&R Block did my taxes.)

In 2010, I found a $20 off printable coupon to use on your tax preparation at your local H&R Block Office. But, now, since EVERYTHING has gone on-line, your taxes have gone there too.

Doing your taxes is as fun as going to the dentist.

Do you taxes on-line for Free:
You can find a totally free version (for you 1040EZ people) from H&R Block on their website here. (Just look under "File Online" or "Online Tax Prep".

Or for the rest of you, you can do your taxes a discount with H&R Block in any number of ways from the comfort of your own home, and right now you can get an extra 15% off the regular price, too:

H&R Block at Home Basic + E-file (now $16.96)
Everything you need to complete a simple federal tax return at a great low price.

H&R Block at Home Deluxe ($38.21)
Advanced tools and guidance for maximizing deductions and tax savings associated with home ownership, education, investments, real estate and more.

H&R Block at Home Premium ($55.21)
Forms, guidance and support for your personal taxes.

H&R Block at Home Premium & Business ($67.96)
Forms, guidance and support for your personal and business taxes.

I vouch for H&R Block.
As a young art director decades ago, I always did my taxes at H&R Block. Or, I should say I thanked them profusely when THEY did my taxes, every year. They really did make my life easier. Because math scares me.

Some people achieve peace of mind from being able to say they know how to do just about anything. Me? I follow the mantra: the less I know, the more empty space in my head for happy thoughts. I absolutely do not need to know how to do my taxes, change my oil, set up a wireless network, use Excel, program the DVR, make my own laundry soap, or grout the tub.

Now, if we could only remove some of that useless information that IS in my head (like Calculus, Organic Chemistry, and Wheat Weaving) I feel certain I could achieve a zen-like state.

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