Sea World: Summer Fun in Texas.

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We love going to SeaWorld San Antonio every summer. It's a quick drive from Dallas, and staying at the Marriott SeaWorld right across the street from the park makes it an easy family trip. The hotel even has a shuttle every hour to and from the park. Plus, the hotel pool has a water park features and a swim up bar!

In the Park.
We get the All-Day Dining Pass when we go, so we can just eat all day for one price. How does the dining pass work? SeaWorld puts an indestructible wrist band on you, and that is what you show for payment at check-out in the park's restaurants.

With the all-day dining pass, you can feed your little crowd as much as they need or want, all day long and it won't cost you extra all day long. When we went last summer, Luka had chicken strips and fries, with a keepsake Shamu plate and cup three times in one day...his idea of an ideal breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (You cannot see the blue jello he also chose three times that day. He ate that first.)

Not a chicken nugget eater like Luka? For adults, SeaWorld San Antonio has many really nice restaurant choices in the park with BBQ, Grilled Fish, Hamburgers, Salads, and more. We each just chose the restaurant we liked, got our food, and met in the middle at picnic tables in one of the many playground areas. That way it is easy to eat, get wet, eat, get wet, etc.

And there are plenty of places to get wet like Sesame Place, the kid's giant water park themed with Sesame Street Characters. You might even see Sesame Street Characters walking around.

Feel free to spend more time on Shamu-shaped roller coasters.

See another show. Starring a sea lion who solves mysteries. And an otter who causes them.

Or have lots of up close and personal meet-ups with animals...they seem to be roving the park with their handlers. And, you can even feed the dolphins or wade with the stingrays. When the kids finally wear out, find a shady spot for a nap. And the Cabana Boy with a Blue Moon beer for mommy.

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