Walmart: 5 kid's back-to-school outfits for $75.

My little fashion plate.

Walmart has been talking about their back-to-school clothing on tv. You've seen the commercials haven't you, where the kids and teens are trying on different outfits. Then, it is revealed to the kids and their moms that all the clothes came from Walmart.

And everyone is shocked.

After all, Walmart is not typically the place we all think of when we think of on-trend, quality kid's clothing. We have mall stores for that, right?

So Walmart threw down the gauntlet and challenged me to go check out the kid's clothes at my local store right here in Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas. They told me I should be able to put together 5 outfits for Luka for just $75. That's a whole wardrobe for a boy...considering they can mix and match tops and bottoms. A great way to start back to school, huh?

Jeans, pants, and shorts all for less than $10 each.

And to make it even more fun shopping with a 6-yr-old, it was tax-free shopping this past weekend in Texas, so everyone in the entire neighborhood, and their kids, were all there at the store too! *joy* I was sure that Luka and I would at some point have a nervous breakdown, lay on the floor, and scream. But, to my surprise, he was really into picking out clothes, trying them on, and posing for pictures. And that made it fun for me. So neither one of us had to melt down amidst the tax-free shoppers.

Here's what we came up with:

Luka likes blue. Alot. Also, Annoying Orange. Which is annoying.

The casual outfits:
Dark Blue T-shirt $3.97
Black Jeans $10.97

Annoying Orange T-shirt $6.97
Cargo Blue Jeans $10.97

Cyan Blue T-shirt $3.97
Plaid Shorts $9.97

I said "pose like a model". He heard "pose like a Power Ranger".

The dressy outfits:
Light Blue Golf Shirt $5.97
Wrangler Jeans $8.97

Two-In-One Black T-Shirt with Button Shirt Over $9.97
Black Dress Pants/Uniform Pants $10.97

My total was $82.70. So I was close to the $75. Overall I was impressed with the quality of the clothing. The golf shirts were thicker fabric. The print on the Two-In-One Button Shirt reminded me of something I'd see in Dillards for alot more, and it was refreshing to find boy's clothes in such a sophisticated black and gray design.

All of the boy's pants had adjustable waistbands, and mostly all styles of bottoms had choices of regular, husky, or slim. And lots of each. I was surprised that there was such a grand selection.

And if you need uniforms there were rows and rows of many different colors of golf shirts, and uniform pants came in navy, tan, khaki, and black. From my experience, Target is always out of everything, but this Walmart wasn't out of anything. And at these every day low prices, if Luka wrecks a pair of uniform pants in the first two weeks (I speak from experience) I know exactly where to go to get a quick pair: Walmart.

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