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My living room. Every day. Help.

We have eleventy-billion LEGO pieces in our house. As I'm sure a lot of you do.

Sometimes all those little pieces get a bit overwhelming. And pointy. And sometimes, Luka and I just look at the mass of them, and have no idea where to start making something new. We have all the books, you see, and we've made all the sets. Some more than once. But, making a StarWars AT-AT over and over again gets "boring, mom."

And we're creative folks. So we start makin' shizz up around here. Swimming pools with diving boards. Campfires where skeletons roast fish on sticks. Cars with 6 wheels.

Until today. I just got an email from Buy.com today featuring this awesome LEGO book called "The Lego Ideas Book". And I must have it! Er, I mean Luka must have it! And check that tiny copy below the sweet $9.97 price (*V.Me Price) I must go figure out what that is! So I could get the awesome price of course...

How to do V.Me
So first I went to V.Me (Yep, that's the url) and signed up. V.Me is a new Visa quick-pay service for on-line shopping.

You sign up for a free account and put your card information in that account. It was very quick and easy.

Then when you use a retailer that offers V.Me checkout, your check-out process skips like a bunch of the tedious checking out, because V.Me has your shipping info, your card info, everything. It's like CLICK and you're done.

And, by the way, you don't just have to put in a VISA card on V.Me. You can store other cards like Discover or American Express. Pretty nifty. Then, all those on-line retailers don't have your credit card information. Just V.Me does. And since V.Me is from VISA, they've got years of experience keeping your card information safe and secure on-line.

What retailers use V.Me currently?
V.Me is brand new, so this is the list of retailers who offer this quick check-out.

Since I already shop at Buy.com, I was excited to see that they were participating in this new process. I went to Buy.com and found the amazing book: The Lego Ideas Book. And sure enough, it showed the V.Me check-out discount right at the top. See? $6 instant discount when I use V.me by Visa at Check-out. This deal is good thru December 7th, by the way, so you can get it too!

I put it in my cart, and chose Check-Out.

It gave me all the options for checking out, including V.Me. I clicked.

BOOM! There's my shipping address already filled in for me. I got the $6 instant discount, plus I got free shipping too! Sweet. I think I skipped several screens of typing this way.

That was so much quicker than the regular way of checking-out on-line...I can't wait until all other retailers jump on the bandwagon and add V.Me to their check-out process. And, I can't wait til Christmas morning when I can get my hands on that book. Er, I mean, watch Luka's eyes pop when he unwraps that book.

Oh the exquisite LEGO masterpieces that we will create!

Mommy's Wish List Disclosure: This post is brought to you by V.me by Visa. Online payment. Simple and secure.

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