Coinstar: Turn your spare change into Starbucks Gift Cards.

Coinstar is offering NO FEE eGiftcards right now. These are a perfect way to turn all that change in your sofa, your kitchen drawer, and your husband's pockets into an iTunes gift card to fill your computer with fresh new music, or a Starbucks gift card to fill your mornings with happiness and proper cognitive functioning. You can choose from many retailers like iTunes, Starbucks, JCPenney, Chili's, Lowe's, and even Amazon for your eGiftcard.

I did it this last month, and turned my jar full of pennies into a $20 Starbucks eGiftcard (which my baristas and I refer to as Monopoly Money). Would have been more, but Luka is now collecting all the quarters with States on them. *sigh* And we all know I'll be saving for Quinn's art school classes with the next batch of change!

Find your nearest Coinstar machine here.

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