Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee and Sam's Club Cake Balls.

All holiday brunch parties should have cake balls and Starbucks, no?

This week, I found out that Sam's Club makes their own cake balls. *I know!* And since every other word out of my mouth seems to be CAKE BALL, I dropped everything and rushed right over there to check out that intel.

Because I have priorities.

I'm on like my 13th holiday party so far this month. And bringing a bottle of wine to every party is getting, well, expected. But, I thought, bringing cake there's an original idea. And what goes better with cake than coffee. Starbucks to be precise. Best holiday party pairing ever.

Starbucks just released their 2012 Starbucks Holiday Blend at Sam's Club. You'll find it at Sam's Club either in a giant (because is there any other size at Sam's?) display, or a giant shelf palette. It was $16.98 for a giant 28 ounce package which will last me til SuperBowl at least.

It's a dark roast coffee, but has none of that dark roast bitter taste that Starbucks is kinda famous for. The Holiday blend tastes almost like it's about to be a flavored coffee...but stops short of that. It's delicately sweet and spicy, like you just ate a pie or a cookie, or a cake ball, five minutes ago and can still catch the taste of it. It was better than I expected it to be, mostly because I expected that signature Starbucks bitterness. I was pleasantly surprised to find that missing. Quinn and I have taken to drinking Holiday Blend every morning this week.

And my oh my does it pair well with my Sam's Club Artisan Fresh Cake Balls. We seem to be eating cake balls every day after school too... hmmm. The cake balls are each the size of a golf ball, and come in a box of 25, for $14.99. That's a bargain price I'll tell you, having paid upwards of $1.50 per cake ball at pastry shops. Look for these in the Sam's Club Bakery, in a refrigerated display shelf.

If you don't have a Sam's Club membership, you can always print a one-day pass here, so you can grab your Starbucks Holiday Blend and fabulous cake balls too. I wouldn't want you to miss out. And, by the way, go on a Saturday because the samples are aplenty all over the store.

Have you seen the bakery at Sam's Club? It is SWELL.

For today's holiday party number 14, I'm making cookies and laughing at my friend Chris' house. He decorates WAY better than any of us, and his kitchen is to die for. So the party is always at his house.

Every year we have our little Housewives of Oak Cliff holiday party with Chris, me, Melody, and Sheri. We make different kinds of cookies all day. And, well, a mess too.

Chris and I try to out-stump each other using the SONOS in his kitchen finding obscure art school bands from the 80s. Malcolm McLaren and T'Pau, anyone?

Chris has an extensive Starbucks Mug collection. Depending on how he feels about you that day, you might get Cleveland, or London. HA! Today, I got New York, and Melody got Washington DC (Cuz she's political and writes on the Daily KOS).

Halfway thru the day, we stop and watch our favorite ridiculous video (that Chris has saved for this very occasion) of Sandra Lee making a blue Hanukkah cake and a green Kwanza cake. And we laugh our heads off because really, have you seen that video? High comedy.

Then, Chris sings us an aria in Italian. Because he is an opera tenor after all. Then we all cry and tell him it's so beautiful. And Melody teaches us some curse words in Mandarin and Russian. Because you never know when you'll need that valuable information. And Sheri gives us the update on her impending first grandchild.

This year, my contribution to the festivities is Starbucks Holiday Blend. And cake balls. Lots of cake balls. Melody is a Starbucks addict, especially since it is buy one get one free this week, and most of us usually drink Starbucks coffee at home in our coffee makers, but they hadn't tried the Holiday Blend before.

The flavor of the Starbucks Holiday Blend really complements the cake ball flavors...especially the Red Velvet. It totally tastes like Christmas up in here.

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Oh, those cake balls look FABULOUS! I am SO EAGER to try them myself!