The Toxic Dump in Toddler Park.

Luka is 6 now. But not so long ago, he was a crazy snarling wildebeest of a child. We learned the hard way to hide fingernail polish way up high. To not turn our backs on him when he was near veneered furniture. To yell loudly and distinctly "Stop licking the floor right now!" And, to keep a canister or three of Wet Ones in each of our cars.

In honor of Wet Ones new Sticky Situations Facebook contest, I'm sharing the story of why we keep Wet Ones in our car.

When Luka Was Three.
Hurricane Luka is 3 now. So, I naively thought the days of monkey poop-flinging were behind us. Lo and behold, he came home one Tuesday afternoon from a jaunt at Toddler Park, wearing only a Pull-up and his Crocs. Sports Nanny Trey was close behind, carrying what looked like a balled-up shirt and pants, with only two fingers. And far away from his body. I greeted Trey and the carefree naked baby at the door.

"Luka, where are your clothes?"

"I dunno."

"He had a big poop. Took off his diaper. Threw it at William."


"I didn't want the poop in my pants anymore. It was too poopy."

"He would have hit Sebasian and Oliver too, but they ran faster than William."

"It was runnin' down my leg mommy."

"Luka, ugh, we don't throw poop at our friends." (Never thought I'd hear myself say THAT particular sentence outloud.)

"But Trey, besides being pretty much naked, he seems almost...clean. How'd you manage that?"

"Remember that pack of Wet Ones you gave me yesterday to keep in my car? They're gone."

"Yeah mommy, we need another pack for tomorrow."

Wet Ones can help with all kinds of Sticky Situations. Share yours on their Facebook Page here, and you could win an iPad Mini or Six Flags tickets! I entered this story in the contest. It's really easy and quick to share your messy story, too. I bet you have one. And sign up here for Wet Ones promotions, coupons, and news. Because you'll want Wet Ones in your car door too.

Mommy's Wish List Disclosure: This sponsored post was part of a MomCentral campaign on behalf of Wet Ones. I received a promotional item in exchange for my participation.

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