Home Depot: Kids, make a Valentine's Day Card Holder for free.

I love crafting at Home Depot almost as much as I love you, mom!

Dear Luka,

The free kids craft at Home Depot for February is a Wooden Valentine's Day Card Holder, that you can make all by yourself with your favorite tool: The Hammer of Thor! And then you'll have somewhere to store all those NFL Helmet Coloring Pages you've been drawing incessantly. (instead of piling them up on top of the Wii).

Just the right size for Valentine's Cards. Or Legos. Or Hot Wheels. Whatev.

Please go to Home Depot promptly between 9:00am and 12:00pm on Saturday, February 2nd (Preferably for as long as possible) Bring daddy. Since you can't drive and all. Maybe you can swing by Cesar's Tacos and get mommy her new favorite huevos and papas breakfast tacos por favor. Thanks.

Love ya,

PS. Oh, and bring me back a Caramel Mocha from McDonalds too, while you're out.

PSS. Ok, and maybe a donut. With sprinkles.

PSS. Scratch that and make it a pumpkin bacon kolache from Bolsa Mercado.

Follow Home Depot on twitter here. You know, so you can ask those important and pressing grout questions. And while you're at Home Depot, get a piece of scrap wood, so you can make this kid's art project!

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