Embark treats shelter dogs like family.

My friend Sadie started an animal shelter volunteer program for teens. 

Recently I shadowed my young friend Sadie, as she volunteered with local shelter dogs. I am an ambassador for Embark, the Sergeant's Pet Care Products program that gives special pet care product kits to shelter dogs all over the United States, and was asked to get some first-hand experience. Sadie is my go-to guru for pet information, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to show off the great work she does with animals.

Animal lovers are all ages.
Even though she is only an eighth-grader, Sadie has started a volunteer program for teens in our area to help with the care of shelter dogs, rescue dogs, and pet-adoption days. On this day she was working for White Rock Dog. You can often find her at their pet adoption days at area locations in Dallas. Her devotion to these animals is evident, and she donates her attention and care to each of them as if they were her own.

Embark On Pet Health
When you click to pledge to take care of your own pet thru Embark, you automatically send a Sergeant's Pet Care Product kit to a shelter dog, like the ones Sadie works with, at no cost to you. It's really easy to pledge here, they just want your name and email address. In exchange for your help, you'll get a $3 off coupon to use on any Sergeant's or Sentry pet care product yourself. (The coupon is a pdf and does not expire until December 2013.) And you'll get a pdf booklet of pet care tips too.

Through Embark, shelters in the DFW area like the Humane Society of North Texas at 1840 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76103 (817-332-4768) benefit as recipients of the pet care kits.

Animal lovers come from all walks of life.
Embark's celebrity spokesperson and animal advocate Tiffani Theissen, (Elle on White Collar on USA Network) and I chatted about our family dogs last week at the Embark twitter party. Come to find out we both have Texas husbands and dogs named Pearl. Both her Pearl and mine were dogs adopted from shelters. Even though we lead vastly different lives, we still had something in common.

When people like Sadie and Tiffani give their time and talents to help animals, the world seems a little nicer and furrier, doesn't it?

Embark is a national pet program designed to educate and empower pet owners with pet health tips during National Pet Owner Month, and support shelter animals waiting for their forever homes thru the American Humane Association.

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